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13 Jan 2019

Uk: Senior Front-end Developer

Hello Group – Posted by admin London,

Job Description

Company Name: Hello Group
Job Category: I Am Fully Fluent (Full Stack Dev)
Job Location: London, England, South Africa
Job Reference: UK006


If you’re interested in making an acutal difference, we may be able to assist. Hello Group is seeking a passionate Senior Front-End Developer at our Central London office (West End W1H) alongside the founders of the Hello Group ( and Bedlam Inc ( is a great opportunity to start with a blank slate and build a system unencumbered by legacy tech. 

You will assist in creating architect and building a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange system. You will take part in discussions over architecture, be asked your input pertaining to decisions on the direction of development and bring your own experience and skills to work on solving many interesting and complicated problems.

You need to be comfortable working solo or as part of a group when developing projects and services. You must be proactive and happy to get your hands dirty when needed, but always obsessed with quality to ensure that the work you produce is to the highest standards. You will mentor and guide junior team members, accept that you may not always be right in everything you do, and be receptive to constructive criticism from others.

Last but not least, you need to be enthusiastic and motivated, with a keen interest in technology, and keeping up with the latest trends and design patterns.


• A desire to build useful, ergonomic and aesthetically compelling UIs that feature complex data visualizations
• A taste for elegant APIs and well-crafted systems
• An interest in applying ‘Reactive’ principles, to the extent relevant to Application development
• Experience and ease with Functional, Asynchronous, and Distributed programming
• The ability to work autonomously, improvise and iterate


• Strong in JavaScript and/or Typescript
• Knowledgeable & Experienced vis-a-vis HTML 5, CSS3, Responsive Design, etc
• Comfortable with front-end package management and build tools (npm, webpack, grunt/gulp, etc)
• Committed to validating code with reasonable unit and integration tests
• Conversant with asynchronous Web frameworks and abstractions, e.g.
• Futures/Promises
• Streams
• Websocket
• Webworkers
• Experienced with d3 and/or low-level SVG for rich client-side data viz

Even better if you are – 
• Practiced in Accessibility
• Practiced in Extreme Programming
• Experienced in the Financial Services industry (especially Investment Banking) domain
• An ongoing contributor with passion for learning and adopting cutting edge technologies
• Familiar with containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes


• Google Cloud
• The back-end is composed of APIs developed in Scala/Java
• The front-end stack is up for discussion


We operate a mobile payment network across Africa and Asia. The platform connects millions of people in developing countries to facilitate low cost mobile payments. Through local partners we have hundreds of thousands of pay-in and pay-out points. 70 Software Developers spread across three offices in South Africa, Mauritius and India keep us on the bleeding edge of mobile payments technology.

The Hello Group exists to create game-changing integrated consumer and business services for migrant and marginalised communities. Our services are co-created to be low cost, easily accessible and amazingly simple to use with technology at the very core. By constantly evolving for consumers and resellers we maintain market leadership and entrench the Hello Group within the fabric of our communities.
We know we have succeeded when we are the dominant telecom, financial, business and media service provider within our target markets, very few people leave us for the competition and we get more new customers from referrals than from active selling.

Hello. To a better future.


We break down barriers. We defy bias. We level the playing field. We thereby enhance every facet of the lives of the migrant and marginalised communities.


  • You can grow. Like the seven wonders of the world, seven companies that form the Hello Group. And of course, who would want to stop there, we need more wonders in this world, so we keep on growing. Want to join a crazy group that offers you huge potential for growth?
  • You can be bold. Speak up, improve processes, push the envelope, ask question and challenge the status quo.
  • You can be innovative. The best ideas are born in garages, let this be your garage of brilliant ideas.
  • You can learn. One is never too old to learn, at Hello we are constantly evolving and to keep the evolution going we need to learn. So, in the adapted words of Dory, just keep learning, just keep learning, learning, learning, learning.
  • You can be you. We want YOU for Hello Group. Your individual flavour, your unique skills, your keen sense of detail and any other crazy skills that you can offer Hello.
  • We change lives, daily. We listen to the little guy who doesn’t have a voice and provide migrants with a support framework and platform to be able to better not only their lives, but the lives of their families. This whilst saving them time and moola.
  • We empower and provide hope. By simply harnessing technology we empower people. We did away with the pesky middle man, and today we boast the largest informal point of presence for Sim Cards, all while distributing it ourselves. And guess what, this not only delivers an awesome service but jobs for those in need.
  • We uplift the community. We asked, they responded, we listened. Our “you send, we build” campaign our loyal customers told us some of their biggest needs. In true Hello fashion we listened and ground has been broken on a state of the art maternity ward in Malawi.
  • We make a difference. Every minute of every day! The “building dreams, together” campaign lets customers invest in their children’s future. How do you ask? By making use of our service, it enables us to provide school bursaries.


Hello Mobile
Hello Paisa
Snode Technologies
Achilles Risk Solutions
Bedlam Inc.

Require additional info? Pop me a mail and I’ll give you a call –

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